About Us - Belt Drive Betty Media®

Belt Drive Betty & The Busted Knuckle Chronicles and how we became Belt Drive Betty Media® – Our History so far.

Who is Belt Drive Betty?

Belt Drive Betty AKA Renee Charbonneau, the company founder has been an active member of the Canadian Motorcycle Riding 
Community since 1979 and started the Busted Knuckle Chronicles Newspaper, a weekly community newspaper, in 2003

The original intent of the Busted Knuckle Chronicles was to inform riders of the North Peace regions of Alberta & BC about the events, businesses and riding
 clubs that might be of interest to them as fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.

The popularity of the newspaper grew, and a website called Belt Drive Betty dot Com
 was added in 2004. The Busted Knuckle Chronicles became a NATIONAL newspaper in 2006.

In 2008 the Little Black Book, a Riding Community Phone Book was added as a test support product, and became a part of the business in 2009. It features Rider Owned, Rider Friendly and Rider Specific businesses, riders who may be able to help you while on the road and touring maps!

In 2012 we became Belt Drive Betty Media®, merging our business activities under one corporate umbrella.

In 2013 we added TV to our offerings with our own travel series on Eastlink TV called “Ride Like a Local” and a spin off YouTube series called Ride Like a Local Too.

We also provide tourism information and support services to the rider, including:

Canada’s BEST motorcycle events calendars, Never Ride
 Alone Program, Canadian Riders Support Network, Best Road Side Assistance and our very own ROAD TRIPS REWARD CARDTM, with access to the information you want in the way you want it. Web, Email, Print, APPS.

For business and industry, we offer networking and marketing services through the Rider Friendly Business Association®

For riding clubs and tourism/chambers we offer marketing resources and event management tools via the Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association, Belt Drive Betty’s registered non-profit.

Our Mission: is to be a clearinghouse of information for riders, regardless of brand, discipline or 

Our Vision: is to foster a tighter sense of community amongst riders by providing them news, 
articles and information about their brothers and sisters of the wind, and to provide the best support tools and resources a rider could have to  help make riding in Canada as a Canadian or a visitor the absolute best it can be.

Our Ethics: are based on old school values of the riding community. We believe in paying it
 forward and supporting our community. We believe in “Win Win” marketing opportunities. 


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