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couple ridingThere are many benefits to being a motorcyclist, the biggest one of all is freedom.

motorcycle chainPeople will tell you how fantastic the feeling is of riding a motorbike down the highway; and they’re right. There are few feelings as great as this simple one which makes you feel alive.

bicycling photoApart from slight modifications here and there, the basic structure of a bike remained mostly unchanged for a very long time, at least up until the last few years.

motor coupleGearing up for a ride can be stressful endeavor.  After you have you bike all tuned and revved it’s time to suit up.  

Motorcycle HelmetAlthough better known in the bicycling world, Kali Protective’s Kali Motorsports subsidiary makes innovative motorcycle helmets.

Motorcycle OwnershipNearly one in five motorcycle owners is now female, compared with one in 10 less than a decade ago.

MMIC MotorcycleThe Versys-X 300 is being given away on the opening day, Friday, at She Rides Night, and it’s a women-only draw.

Harnessing The Power Of Modern EngineeringBMW created the R7 in 1934, an Art Deco masterpiece that never entered production. Dismantled and stored along with its blueprints.

NY Motorcycle ShowThe New York motorcycle show is one of my favorite events of the year.

Police CruiserWindsor police have charged a man for allegedly stealing a motorcycle.

car Sometimes you get to wonder, is it advisable to finance a used car, see tips before buying? Or should I save up and purchase a new one?

Ice StuntingStunting videos remain popular on YouTube, inspiring many young and even experienced riders to try things that they probably shouldn't do in traffic.

Tom Cruise Likes MotorcyclesTom Cruise: He’s starred in a gazillion action films, as well as some watchable stuff. In many of them, he rides a motorcycle. 

Motorcycle AccidentPolice are redirecting traffic after an accident on I-10 near the 34-mile marker took place in front of the Gulfport Premium Outlets Mall during the Toy Run.

Electronic Motorcycle The fully 3D printed Nera E-Bike looks like something from 2030, complete with a sleek design, airless tires and embedded electronics.

Motorcycles Were A Big Part Of His Life.A Waterloo pastor who was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash five weeks ago has died.

map Road trips are a lot of fun, but they can also be quite taxing on your mind and body, especially if you’re going very long distances.

dream carThe reality of Canada is that we go through severe winters year after year. There is no sunny state we can escape to without crossing the border.

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