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Sunday, 02 April 2017 22:35

What Should You Know About Motorcycle Accidents?

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rsz look safety signMotorcycle safety is really important these days.

Motorcyle Safety involves all aspects of the vehicle, together with equipment design and the skill of the operator. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are always much more serious than those involving other vehicles. Because of this it is very important that you think about the following the next time you climb on your motorcycle, according to reports issued by Van Isle Auto Glass.

Statistics show that around 13 of 100,000 car accidents end up with fatalities. With motorcycles the rate goes up to 72.23 out of 100,000. This is definitely much more than what many believe. The motorcycles will have higher fatality rates than regular automobiles. On the whole we are faced with a crash risk that is around 35 times higher for the motorcyclist than the passenger car. We also see that serious injuries are 16 times more likely than with cars.

On the whole we are faced with death rates for motorcycle riders that are constantly increasing. A motorcycle rider that is younger than 40 will basically be 36 times more likely to die than the other vehicle operators. Those over 40 are 20 times more likely to die. In the US we saw 4,008 dead motorcycle riders in 2005. This rate is rising as you read these lines.

When looking just at the US alone, we are faced with over 4 million registered motorcycles that can be on the road at any point in time. Out of all the highway fatalities that happen every single year, 5% is made out of motorcycle fatalities. This is when motorcycles are just 2% of the US vehicles registered. This rate difference is quite worrying to see. Motorcycles often get killed in a crash because there is no protection offered by the vehicle.

Motorcycle Safety Equipment

Since motorcycles do not offer enough protection, a lot of money is now put into improving the safety the rider has while on a motorcycle. Legal requirements for headlights to automatically turn on when a bike is started and there are some models that have modulated headlights included in Canada and US.

Most of the cruiser-type motorbikes include crash bars. These protect the legs of the rider in the event contact or a rollover happens. However, the extra protection offered is not that much. You have to be sure you always choose appropriate bars since some models can cause a higher possibility to be injured in the high part of the leg.

Another safety equipment you definitely want to have is anti-lock braking system. It first appeared in 1988 thanks to the work of BMW. ABS brakes will make it much safer and easier to stop a motorbike. Skidding risks are reduced while stop ranges are shorter.


Motorcycle safety is something you absolutely have to think about every time you put on your helmet. Do use the appropriate personal safety equipment needed to guarantee top safety and try to upgrade the bike to be safer. Always take it to the mechanic as necessary and practice safe driving.  

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