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Wednesday, 10 January 2018 14:21

How to Raise Motorcycle Safety Awareness

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motorcycle on the streetMotorcycles are at risk on the roads.

This is because other motorists don’t always check their blind spots, and generally, motorcycles lack the same amount of caging that cars and other vehicles have surrounding the passenger and driver seating. There are no airbags, and no seatbelts to keep you from flying through the window shield. That is why motorcycle safety needs to be more available in schools, for both those teenagers who are interested in motorcycles and for those who are only interested in getting their regular driver’s license.

Accident reduction comes first with greater awareness because it takes everyone using the road to collectively better themselves. To raise motorcycle awareness, the following tactics should be implemented:


  • Awareness Presentations

Weaving motorcyclists put themselves at huge risk on the road, and there is only so much that the drivers in question can do. You are responsible first and foremost for your safety, and careless driving is illegal. That is why presentations need to be made to high school students just as drunk driver awareness presentations are. Both motorcyclists and drivers need to be more aware on the road and take a proactive approach for their safety. Slideshow software means it’s easy to create and share presentations so that every classroom can access this information both about motorcyclist behaviour and about safety.


  • It Starts with You

The reason why motorcyclist weaving is not as enforced as, for instance, a driver weaving is because motorcyclists typically only put themselves at risk. That doesn’t mean that you have the go-ahead to be careless on the road. When there is traffic, take care. When there is another vehicle on the road, take care. Not all drivers will use their indicator lights, and motorcycles can fit completely in multiple blind spots. To have safer roads, it starts with you.


  • Make Your Fellow Motorcyclists Personally Accountable

If you know of someone who takes risks on the road, call them out for it. Don’t let them think that endangering themselves or others is in any way admirable. Condone their behaviour. A lot of bad behaviour continues simply because there is a culture of complacency in place. Stop it. Call it out. Make them feel ashamed of their behaviour before they do something that gets them arrested. Make being safe the best way to conduct yourself on the road.  


  • Let the Victim’s Speak

Those who have lost a family member due to careless driving need to speak up. They need a platform. Those who have been hurt by their careless behaviour need to speak to their fellow motorcyclists. Safety is so important for so many areas of our lives, motorcycling included.

The beauty of the open road is the freedom that comes with it. It is the travel. It is the wind in your face. There are so many reasons to enjoy motorcycling, and when you or someone you know drives carelessly on a motorcycle, they give everyone else a bad rap. Be safer on the road, and enjoy the road.

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