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Monday, 12 March 2018 11:24

Stepping Away from the Motorcycle: Buying the Perfect Family Car

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family carIf you have a family, it may be time to look into a more practical solution as opposed to a motorcycle in getting behind the wheel for the school run.

When you are looking to buy a car that is fit for your whole family, there are many elements to consider. Unlike buying for yourself, you have other people to think about so your priorities change to fit your lifestyle. Some of the most important things to think about when choosing a family car are safety, fuel economy and size, so how do you know what’s best for you? Sometimes this type of car may not come with all the luxury extras but as long it gets you from A to B in comfort, then these may be some of the compromises you have to make.   

There are ways to incorporate all your family needs with style too so check out these handy tips for choosing the best car that the whole family loves.

Make safety the priority


Keeping your family safe whilst on the road is a top priority for many drivers. Motorcycling has it’s risks, and the danger on the roads doesn’t alter with a change of transport. Many modern cars are built to specific safety standards but sometimes you may need to look beyond this when choosing the right model. The way you drive the car and how well it maneuvers is a key consideration as this can help reduce accidents in the first instance. Family cars also tend to be larger depending on the size of your family so considering its width, length and control is also an element to think about before purchasing.

How big is your family?

When you’re looking to buy a new car and making a change, you may be considering how big the car should be if you wanted to extend your family. This could help if you want to buy something now and avoid replacing cars every few years when your needs change. If you have younger children and are doing the school run every day, cars that have ample space for baby and child seats are essential. It’s not ideal trying to squeeze everyone into a compact with two doors when the kids need to get out the back quickly and easily on the drop-off. For families that enjoy camping holidays or taking regular road trips, larger vehicles may be more suitable for total comfort. You’ll enjoy larger leg and headspace and there’ll be plenty of trunk space to take all of your camping gear. Of course, if you have a large family with over three children, considering a minivan is an ideal option.

Determine your budget

With any purchase, a budget needs to be established and stuck to. With motorcycle gear, there are more factors to consider, such as clothing, helmet, and general motorcycle maintenance. Other factors apply to a family car. When you have a family to take care of and bills to pay, overspending isn’t an option. Understanding how much you can realistically afford and how much the running costs might be is a key consideration. Luxury family cars are often more expensive but include the mod cons or you might be thinking about a car that is built for function and practicality instead. Initial outlay and maintenance costs should be carefully considered, as BMW repair could have different costs to that of a traditional space wagon.

Research well

There is so much information available at your fingertips, it would be wise to use it to its fullest. Knowledge is power when it comes to buying cars and rocking up onto the forecourt without a clue, could lead to you purchasing something that, in fact, doesn’t meet your needs. There are tons of sites that offer resources, car specifications and customer reviews which can help you make an informed choice. Plus you can shortlist types or styles of car that suit you best and make appointments to test drive them. Checking out real reviews on family cars is also a helpful way to not only get an idea of fuel economy and costs, buts also highlight the driving experience, storage options and maneuverability, which is particularly important for larger family vehicles.

Test drive different cars

When you are looking at different cars, it makes quite a change from the wheel of a motorcycle. it is important to actually get behind the wheel and test drive a car, especially if you have been out of the drivers’ seat for quite a while. Although you may have an idea of the model you want, until you do this step, you may find that it doesn’t feel comfortable to drive. Getting a feel for the width and length of the vehicle will give an idea if it might be difficult to park and checking its maneuverability will ensure you feel confident in driving in all locations. If you are opting for a used car, taking a test drive is important for checking that the vehicle feels like it is running smoothly and how it handles. Checking its past history is also vital to ensure it hasn’t had any previous accidents, which could affect the integrity of the car construction.

Pre-inspection before driving away

When you decided on the car you want, doing the deal is the next step. Before you hand over the money, it is wise to check you are getting what you are paying for. This isn’t to say that the dealer is trying to dupe you but sometimes whilst the car is being prepped for sale, it may have incurred damage or unexpected wear and tear before you collect it. If you are buying a used car and part of the sale involves any work to be completed prior to purchase, you need to ensure this was carried out and noted in the service book. If you are worried about anything or want a second opinion, take a professional with you and they can look over the technical aspects of the car, which may have been missed previously.   

Selecting the right car that ensures your families safety and comfort can be a daunting task. Taking into account all of the above tips and using common sense about the car market is one of the best ways to pick the best car for your needs. Researching models and seeking advice can also help you get the best car for your money, whatever your budget. Whether you are looking for a minivan, space wagon or four-wheel drive, there is a variety of choice so your family can ride in style.  

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