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Thursday, 10 May 2018 22:17

Common problems with the clutch on your car

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car If you drive a manual transmission vehicle you will know that having a clutch which works effectively is important.

Whenever you press your foot on the clutch pedal you disconnect the engine so that it can still turn over at speed but the wheels do not move. This is necessary when you come to a stop at traffic signals, for instance.

If the clutch is not working as it should your ability to drive can be adversely affected. You need to get help from a car repairs specialist. There are several reasons why a clutch can fail to work properly.

Leaking cylinders

If you drive a car with a hydraulic clutch, it needs fluid from the cylinders of the car to work. If there is a leak from the master or slave cylinder it's possible that the right amount of hydraulic fluid will not be produced. You can often tell if there is a leak from the cylinders as you notice that a pool of fluid builds up under the car when it's parked. Leaking fluid can also start to smell if it comes into contact with the exhaust.

There is warping to the flywheel

The flywheel in your car is attached to the crankshaft and it can become warped by heat over time. If you feel a vibration when you let the clutch out, this problem could be causing it.

The clutch disc is worn out

The clutch disc in your car can wear out, just as the brake discs can. There are certain things you can do to make wear less likely, such as not riding the clutch, not parking in gear and remaining in neutral while stopped at traffic signals. If wear does occur, you will notice that the clutch releases higher than normal.

The pressure plate is worn out

The pressure plate is the part of your car that makes sure the clutch disc is clamped to the flywheel. This means that it does a lot of hard work and can become worn. Wearing of this part results in the same symptoms as wearing or warping of the flywheel. You will often notice some vibration when you operate the clutch.

The throwout bearing is worn out

The throwout bearing spins all of the time. This means that it can eventually lose the lubrication that it needs to have. If this happens, you may be aware of a squeaking sound while you are driving which disappears when you use the clutch.

You cannot drive a manual transmission vehicle safely if the clutch is not working as it should. The fact is that, like any part of a car, the parts of a clutch can become worn over time. This means that they do not operate as effectively as normal, affecting the overall performance of the clutch. If you think that this may be the case with the clutch in your vehicle, you should seek expert help with solving the problem.

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