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Monday, 14 May 2018 02:48

6 Tips For Your First Motorcycle Track Day

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track dayMotorcycle track days can be massive amounts of fun, and they will help you to test the endurance and power of your machine too.

No matter what type of bike you have or what type of rider you usually are, a track day will teach you something. You’ll learn exactly how your bike performs under the most extreme circumstances, but you’ll be able to do it safely in a well-regulated environment. It’s the best way to enjoy your bike in a legal, protected way.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t potential dangers associated with track days, and it doesn’t mean you can just turn up and ride. Here are some great tips for going to your first event that will mean you can enjoy yourself as much as possible.

Go To The Right Event

In most cases, you will need to book the track day you want to attend. That’s because there will be limits on numbers for safety and possibly insurance purposes. So if you want to go, make sure you do book beforehand otherwise, you might travel (and some can be a fair distance away) only to be turned away at the gate.

Don’t just pick the event that is closest to you, or that seems to have the best facilities, though. Take your time to research what each track is like and how each day is organized. If you’re new to this hobby, then you’ll want to find somewhere that offers time for slower racers, and perhaps that offers instruction. That way you can get to grips with what you’re meant to be doing with other novices; you’ll feel more comfortable and get more out of it if you do this.

Take Your Drivers’ License

When you attend a track day, you’re going to need your license with you to show to organizers. They are running an event and will have certain conditions and insurances in place – you can’t just arrive with your bike and ride off around the track. So be prepared to show your motorcycle license and perhaps even registration papers (this will depend on the event itself). If you’re not sure what paperwork and ID you need to bring with you, check before you leave home. These rules are strict, and there won’t be any way around them, so it’s far better to get it right from the start rather than to be disappointed later on.

Fill Up Your Gas Tank

It pays to do your research and find the nearest gas station to your chosen track. Use this to fill up so that you have as full a tank as possible when you get to the track itself. That last thing you want is to start your circuits only to find that your fuel light is flashing at you because you’re quickly running out of gas.

If you are in dire need, the event organizers will be selling gas (in most cases), but it will cost a lot more than it would at the gas station nearby, so it is always worth making sure you can save money by topping up before you get there. That way, you can have as many rides as possible, plus you’ll know where you can fill up again on the way back home.

Go With Someone

Although there is no rule that says you have to have someone with you on a track day, it is often a good idea if you can bring a friend or friends. If you have someone there, they can offer support and encouragement which can help boost your morale and keep you going. They can also be a practical help too.

If your friend has a truck or a trailer that can be used to transport you and your bike to and from the track, that could be massively important. Taking a spill on a motorcycle on a track day is entirely possible, and if serious damage were to occur to your bike and you couldn’t ride it back home (or if you had a minor injury that meant it was painful to ride it), you would be pretty stuck. A trailer or a truck would solve that problem, giving you a chance to have a rest after a tiring day.

Not only that, but a truck means you can bring along a toolbox and tools from 4 Truck Accessories so that if you did have an issue with the mechanics of your bike, you can fix it there and then rather than having to have it take to a garage.

Prepare Your Bike

If you’re using your own bike, you will need to ensure it is prepared for the track. Carry out all the important basic safety checks such as checking the brakes and the tires as well as the controls and chain. You’ll be using the bike in a much more intensive fashion than you ever would on the standard roads you normally drive on, so it needs to be in absolute top condition to ensure your safety and its reliability once it is back on normal roads again.

Prepare Yourself

As well as getting your bike ready for the big day, you’ll need to ensure you’re prepared too. This all starts with the clothing you’re going to wear. For most track events you are going to need full leathers as well as a helmet, boots, and gloves. Not all motorcycle riders enjoy wearing these heavy, hot pieces of clothing, but most of the race tracks you attend will insist on it – you’ll be traveling at high speed and if you were to come off, those leathers are going to protect your skin from the road.

The leathers ideally need to be one-piece suits or a two-piece that zips together. They need to be in good condition too. If you usually wear sparking knee or toe sliders then remember that these are banned at most tracks, so just leave them at home. If the weather looks bad, you can take a waterproof over suit too.

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