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Sunday, 24 June 2018 06:06

Buying Your Dream Bike: Selling Your Old Car for Cash

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buying dream bikeBuying Your Dream Bike: Selling Your Old Car for Cash

There’s nothing like the feel of vintage iron beneath you as you power down the roadway. Whether you love the bikes of yesteryear, or are still dreaming of the one particular motorcycle that turned your head in your youth, attaining that dream is possible. It just requires a bit of cash. Of course, if you’re a bit strapped at the moment, that can be an issue. However, if you’ve got an old car, you can scrap it for the money you need to buy that bike. What do you need to know about scrapping your car for cash?

Simple Steps to Prep It

There are just a few simple steps that you need to take to sell/scrap your car for cash. The first one is this – work with a reputable company that can offer you an accurate car valuation so you get the most money possible. For example Car Buyers Centre pride themselves on accuracy and transparency.

Next, you’ll need to remove your personal items. Go through your car carefully – it’s easy to overlook things, particularly if they’ve managed to roll off the dash into the floor, and then underneath your seats. Remove anything that you don’t want to sell with the car, as well. This can include things like:

  • Aftermarket GPS units
  • Aftermarket audio systems
  • Aftermarket speakers
  • Aftermarket lighting (in-car and on-car)
  • Aftermarket performance accessories (think sway bars, lowering springs and the like)

Once you’ve removed all of your belongings, you’ll want to make sure that the car is in good condition. Ideally, you’ll do this prior to any sort of in-person valuation. Of course, you don’t need to do any last-minute body work. Dents and dings can be left alone. However, you should do a bit of tidying. Remove any trash, clean the glass inside and out, vacuum the seats and floorboards, and the like. The point is to get the car into decent condition, particularly if you’re selling it and not scrapping it. If you’re scrapping the car, then you most likely don’t need to worry about tidying and cleaning.

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