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Monday, 10 September 2018 02:41

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Riding A Motorcycle

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learning to rideIt may be a dream of yours to one day drive and own a motorcycle of your own, but you may be apprehensive for several reasons.

This is a major change in how you get yourself around and can also be a bit dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

While you should acknowledge your fears, you also don’t want them to hold you back from living your life to the fullest. Be glad to know there are several practical ways for how you can overcome your fear of riding a motorcycle so you can get on the road yourself and begin to feel more comfortable being in the driver’s seat.

Educate Yourself

Take the time to learn all there is about motorcycles and why people enjoy riding them. Read best practices, safety tips and suggestions for overcoming your fears, so you’re able to move forward with reaching your goal of driving one. Gain the right knowledge you need to make you feel more at ease when around these types of bikes. Go online and educate yourself about all there is to know so you can get your questions answered and feel more at ease. The more knowledgeable you are about the matter, the less likely it is that you’ll feel afraid and apprehensive to proceed with getting on a bike yourself.

Perfect Your Driving Skills

Overcome your fear of riding a motorcycle by first getting very comfortable with your own driving skills. Get outside your comfort zone by first purchasing and operating a classic or vintage vehicle that’s a bit different of a look and feel for you. It’s easy to get the car you desire in your possession using an exotic car transport that will keep your vehicle unharmed as it makes its way to you and your location. Take it out on the road and notice how good of a job you do driving a new type of car that’s unfamiliar to you. Your next step can be to transfer your driving skills over to a motorcycle instead.

Find A Mentor

The strategy that may help you the most with overcoming your fear of riding a motorcycle is to find a mentor who can assist and guide you to success with this endeavor. Most people who are passionate about riding would be more than happy to recruit another motorcyclist and teach you all they know. Find someone who you trust and has the patience to work with you as you familiarize yourself with this new mode of transportation. Sit down and talk with them about how they got started and what pointers they have for you as you embark on this new challenge. It’ll be nice to have someone who has your back and can encourage you to continue on when you’re struggling or doubting yourself.

Get Involved in the Community

Another way to address the fears associated with riding a motorcycle is to get more involved in the biker community. There are online forums and groups you can join and offline communities to engage with to help you learn more. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and work through whatever is stressing you out or holding you back the most about moving forward. Attend rallies, events, and gatherings that will allow you to engage with other bikers and get more comfortable being around motorcycles in general.

Try A Simulation Course

Nowadays technology is a great way to get your feet wet with this type of objective. There are simulations out there you can participate in so you can practice before you get out on the road yourself. Go for a test drive using these types of replications and keep going through the motions until you feel more confident in your abilities. This way you don’t have to worry about making mistakes because you’ll be putting your skills to the test in a safe environment first. The more you do it, the more likely it is that your fears will begin to dissipate, and you’ll find that you either do or don’t enjoy the experience.

Start Slowly

Overcome your fear of riding a motorcycle by avoiding putting yourself in too challenging of a situation right away. Start slowly and come up with a game plan for how you want to tackle getting more familiar with riding a bike. Remember that you’ll be a work in progress, and it’s unlikely you’ll feel completely content with your abilities immediately. There will be a learning curve, and it’s likely you’ll make mistakes along the way, but you can’t let these factors stop you from proceeding if it’s what you want to do. Ride around in a familiar area before tackling the road and trying to maneuver through a lot of traffic.

Ride as A Passenger with A Pro

You’ll likely be able to overcome a lot of your fears about motorcycles if you’re willing to get on a bike yourself with someone who knows what they’re doing. Go for rides whenever you get the chance and be content with accepting the role as the passenger for a while. Watch and observe as you take into account what the driver is doing and best practices they have for driving one of these bikes. Ask questions, show some enthusiasm and allow yourself to gradually work through getting past any fears you still have on your mind.


Motorcycles are fun and exciting, but being a driver of a bike also comes with a lot of responsibility on your part. These are a few ways for how you can overcome your fear of riding a motorcycle and give yourself a chance at reaching your goal of being in the driver’s seat. Give yourself a chance and time to sort through if this is truly a good fit for you and how you want to be transporting yourself around going forward. Enjoy the journey and be proud of yourself for be willing to work through your fears and do what makes you happy.  

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