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Monday, 29 October 2018 09:26

What Reviewers Are Saying About The New Lincoln Aviator

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Lincoln navigatorIn a much-anticipated event at the New York Auto Show earlier this year, Lincoln revealedits newest vehicle: the Aviator, scheduled to start production in 2019 for the 2020 sales year.

While the Aviator is a completely new vehicle, it replaces the MKT as Lincoln’s three-row luxury crossover. After the prototype was unveiled, auto fans were quick to check out how it stacks up against the original Aviator (produced from 2002-2005), the MKT, and the competition from other brands.

The Aviator, like Lincoln itself, has had a troubled history. At the beginning of the new millennium, Lincoln was suffering from poor sales, bad press, and a feeling that the market had turned definitively against one of America’s most venerable luxury brands.

The company reached its nadir around the same time the Aviator first appeared, and its short life (it saw disappointingly low sales, and was criticized for being too short and too cramped for what was ostensibly a luxury vehicle) was symptomatic of Lincoln’s lack of vision at the time.

Reclaiming The Lincoln Heritage

Things began to turn around for Lincoln in the 2010s, with the hiring of bold new leadership who rolled out an ambitious vision for the battered but still beloved brand. Since then, Lincoln has moved away from the anodyne three-letter codes that it had been using to mark its SUVs, and brought back completely re-imagined versions of old classics like the Continental.

The Aviator, with its evocative name and ambitious re-design, is the latest vehicle to benefit from Lincoln’s attempt to inject new life into its line-up. And if fan response is any indication, it’s a gamble that is paying off. 

Since the prototype was made public, the Aviator has received rave reviews for its clean, aggressive profile, its sumptuous interior design, and its exciting new tech. In particular, many reviewers singled out the innovative new “phone as a key” technology that will allow drivers to lock, unlock, and control their vehicle from their phone.

Other elements that have received recognition are the Aviator’s Suspension Preview Technology that uses cameras to identify upcoming potholes and other flaws in the road top and adjust the vehicle’s suspension accordingly.  

An Aviator For A New Generation

The prototype that has been revealed may see some minor changes before the design is finalized, and it will be at least another year until Lincoln fans can visit local dealerships like Colony Lincoln and test drive the vehicle themselves, but the positive industry response suggests that it will be well received by drivers when it finally hits showroom floors.

Lincoln’s attention to detail and willingness to go back to the drawing board and create a completely new driving experience have been a big part of what has allowed the brand to bounce back from its lean years in the early 2000s.

It is probably still too early to tell whether or not the success of the new Continental and the favourable response to the Aviator mark the beginning of a major comeback, but one thing is clear: the latest Lincoln vehicles prove that the maker of some of America’s favourite cars isn’t yet out of fresh ideas.  

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