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Monday, 29 October 2018 10:42

How to Promote Your Business Using Your Car

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advertise your businessDo you run a business and own your own car? If you’re not using the vehicle to market your brand, you could be missing out on many effective advertising opportunities.

While most companies are embarking on online marketing strategies, there is no reason why you cannot adopt some traditional marketing tactics to gain a competitive advantage. Learn how to promote your business using your car.

Add Custom Car Wraps to Business Vehicles

Applying custom car wraps onto a vehicle can effectively increase your brand awareness and encourage passers-by to get in touch. For example, an eye-catching wrap is bound to catch drivers and pedestrians’ attention, and the more car wraps on the road, the greater your brand recognition will be.

Also, when the car is stationary, people might be more likely to jot down your brand’s name, website, or contact number to hire your business or buy your products. So, it could provide a great return on your investment.

Use Your Vehicle for Flyer Distribution

If you want to spread the good word about your business, use your car to travel to different areas of the neighborhood to promote your brand, products, and services. All you need to do is print high-quality flyers that complement your brand, and feature well-written copy, great deals, and high-quality images. The more neighborhoods you visit, the greater your ROI will be. So, print the flyers, jump into your vehicle, and start growing your business.

Make the Positive First Impression with Your Car

If you’re a B2B business, you must choose your vehicles wisely. After all, clients are looking for companies they can trust, so they will only want to work with other professional business. The car you drive can, therefore, provide a positive or negative first impression of your brand. For example, they will not want to hire a solicitor who turns up in an old, unkempt vehicle. While businesses would rather hire a window cleaner with a custom wrapped van and professional cleaning tools, instead of hiring a man who turns up with a bucket and sponge.

Grab People’s Attention with a Personalized License Plate

Prove to prospective customers that you have great attention to detail by ordering a personalized license plate for your brand, which could work well in conjunction with a custom wrap. The license plate could include your brand name, web address, or a clever marketing tactic. It will also help people to remember your business, so they might be more likely to turn to your company when they require your services.

Add a Roof Topper to Promote Your Brand

If you want to boost brand recognition, a roof topper can be an effective way to do so. While they often lack the credibility and quality of a car wrap, they can be a cheap way to promote your business on your company cars – or even on external vehicles. You can choose either an illuminated box, or you could opt for a more expensive video roof topper.

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