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Tuesday, 18 December 2018 12:18

Tips For Dressing Right When You Ride

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motor coupleGearing up for a ride can be stressful endeavor.  After you have you bike all tuned and revved it’s time to suit up.  

You may be a beginner and have be totally lost by the amount of motorcycle accessories there are.  Or, you may be a seasoned vet who needs a gear upgrade. Either way, here’s an easy guide for dressing right when you ride:

 Dress For Weather

One of the most important things to keep in mind before you ride are the weather conditions. For jackets, this means choosing gear that’s waterproof or water resistant for rainier days.  Most water resistant motorcycle jackets include extra liners to help keep moisture out. For colder days jackets with added liner will add some warmth, but if you’re riding in freezing weather jackets that are insulated or have insulated liners are recommended.  If you live in a climate that never gets too cold wearing long sleeves is still recommended. A solid leather jacket is always favored as it provides the most abrasion resistance.

Different weather can also affect the type of helmet you might want to wear.  If you’re riding in the rain or snow with an open face or half helmet, you might want to invest in a pair of riding goggles to keep your view clear.  Some modular and full face helmets can offer added warmth for colder conditions as well.

 Dress for Security

Jackets and helmets are key elements for having secure ride, but don’t overlook how important you other appendages are.  Proper gloves are a necessity for riders because they’re protective and also add some warmth. Make sure your gloves don’t fit too loosely as it can affect the grip you have on your handlebars and reduce your wrist security.  Additionally, make sure your boots not only fit but are covering your ankles. Pants should also be covering your ankles and it’s strongly advised against ever riding in shorts (the less skin exposed the less abrasions can occur).  

Security also entails not losing any of your gear.  Invest in a sturdy pair locks for not only bike but any saddlebags too.  To avoid looking like a complete newb create some custom printed patches of either your name or motorcycle group’s name and logo to make sure no one confuses your stuff for theirs.

Dress For Safety

When it comes to any kind of motor vehicle safety is essential, and there’s never a thing as being too safe.  If you’re concerned about the constant motor revving, loud wind, or noisy traffic sounds your ears are constantly enduring as you ride, there are tons of high quality ear plugs for motorcyclists on the market.  Wearing headphones or earbuds to listen to music while you ride isn’t advised as it can make you unaware of potential dangers on the road.

Another safety tip that can sometimes be overlooked is reflective gear.  If you’re doing a lot of driving at night, reflective clothing or even tape can make yourself seen if you’re doing a lot of riding at night or on an unlit road.  If you don’t want to completely blind other vehicles at night, lots of motorcycle will boast reflective piping throughout some pieces.

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