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Saturday, 16 March 2019 14:38

Parking Lots and Motorcycle Parking: How Safe Is It?

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motorcycle picMotorcycles are highly maneuverable, but what they gain in speed, they lack in visibility for vehicle drivers.

Moving too quickly, it’s easy for a vehicle driver to check once for vehicles or bikes and fail to check again before pulling out and sideswipe a motorcycle rider. And unlike when inside a vehicle that’s supported by protective foldable crumple zones, bike riders have no such protection.

While there’s some degree of risk of a major collision on a main street or busy highway, it might surprise you to learn that around 20 percent of accidents occur in parking lots. Some can be disastrous, or even fatal.

The Risks with Parking Lots for Motorcyclists

As a biker, parking lots offer up some unique risk factors. One of the most common issues is due to drivers not focusing as much on the road ahead. This might be because they’ve already slowed down somewhat or due to the fact that they are looking around for a free parking spot to open up.

When paying less attention to the lanes between rows of parking spaces, their guard is down which is a mistake. They might also be distracted when trying to spot a friend or family member to pick them up. As a result, a motorcycle or SUV coming out of a parking spot doesn’t get noticed until it’s too late.

Smartphone Distractions

In more recent times, the advent of smartphone use has meant that drivers are often looking down at their phone and not through the windscreen at what’s in front of them.

A last-minute call, a text message or a Facebook update capturing their attention at the wrong time can cause a distraction. The National Safety Council found in a driving study that over 60 percent of drivers entering parking lots were not focused properly at the time. According to Steers & Associates, common parking lot accidents with vehicles include cars backing out of spaces, drivers focused on getting a certain parking space and cars that zip out into the path of a motorcycle.

Parking Lot Obstacles Pose a Risk Too

Not every parking lot is in the best repair. They often have their fair share of cracks, potholes and other imperfections that can cause a vehicle or motorcycle to suddenly swerve out of control.

Road obstacles such as potholes or gravel on the road can easily cause a bike accident and injury to the rider when coming off the bike and sliding on the road over a rough surface.

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