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Thursday, 30 May 2019 05:25

Common mistakes to avoid when selling your car

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pre owned  In this hard time of slow economy, selling a used car can be a stressful process, even if your car ticks all the necessary boxes.

As an owner, you obviously want the best value for your vehicle. However, once you decide to sell it, you’d soon realize that the car has been depreciated shockingly. To top the stress, if you make some common mistakes people do when selling a car, it will be further challenging for you to get a fair price. So, before you dive into the process of selling your car, here are a few things you should look into:

  1.  Get to know your car better than anybody else: There are two types of car owners- the car enthusiasts, and just car owners. The first kinds of people are those who are enthusiastic about the car they ride; they are passionate about their vehicle. They sometimes know about their car even better than a car dealer. However, if you fall under the latter category, it’s time to brush up your car knowledge now. It should be the very first step if you want to sell any car in UAE. Because if you don’t know much about your car, you will lose the argument while haggling with your buyer and would have to settle for a lower deal than your car’s actual worth. Take some time off from your busy schedule, crank up your laptop, and google your car’s make and model. You can also search in popular automotive forums to know what other owners (of the same car as yours) are talking about their cars. You should take note of the positive and negative things as much as you can, and this newly gained knowledge will enable you to have the upper hand in bargaining with the buyer.
  2.  Know the fair market price of your car: If this sounds easy to you, you’re in for a real surprise. A car is probably one of the most depreciable assets, the moment it leaves the dealer point, its price starts to decrease. Also, many people love their cars so much that they usually tend to overvalue their cars. So, you should try to be impartial and research a bit about your car’s real value. There are many ways to guess the current market value of your car effectively. You can start by checking the online classified ads where people sell used car in Dubai. Search for the cars that are of same make, model and year and check what other owners are charging for their cars. If you want to know the lowest price point of your car, contact online car insurers and let them evaluate your car’s value. Insurers are notorious for undervaluing a car; hence what price they’d quote you, should be the lowest price of your car.
  3. Do not spend too much on small repairs: While it’s best to repair the major defects and damages before you show your car to the potential buyers, you shouldn’t overdo it. If your suspension has some problems, by all means, you should repair it. But you shouldn’t change the tires unless they are completely bald. Of course, your car’s value would increase a little if you fix every tiny bit, but that won’t come even close to the expense you’d have to bear in repairing it. Therefore, it would be better to tell your buyer about those small repairs and be done with it. You can also get an estimate on paper for all those repairs from a certified technician and present that at the time of negotiation with your buyer so that it can be factored in the process.
  4. Get your car cleaned and shiny before you show it off: An untidy car is more deterrent to a buyer than a mosquito repellent could be to mosquitoes. Even if your car is visibly clean, make sure to get a good wash and have a quote of wax before you invite the buyer. Do not forget the interiors, clean the floor mats, get rid of all the trashes, and have a proper and full vacuum clean. A clean and shiny car would convey the necessary message to your buyer that the car has been taken care of.
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