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Thursday, 13 June 2019 05:49

Guide to Leasing a Motorcycle

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motorcycle If you enjoy long rides down windy roads on a motorcycle, you have more options than buying it new or used. Motorcycles are available for lease.

If you're not looking to purchase a bike but just want to drive a new or powerful motorcycle for a while, then read out guide to see if leasing a motorcycle is right for you.

You Can Lease A Motorcycle?

Yes. Though it is not nearly as common as leasing a car, motorcycle leases are available. You may have to shop around a while before you find a dealership who offers lease deals. Call the motorcycle dealerships in your area and ask if they lease or work with leasing companies.


Leasing a motorcycle is not exactly like leasing a car. When using this option to get yourself a nice bike, you are not forced to get one that is new. Depending on where you live, it is possible to lease a used motorcycle. Make sure you go over any and all requirements when speaking with a dealer. You will have to have good credit, and, depending on the bike, you will have to have the money for a down payment too.

Why Lease?

The motorcycle industry is attracting new drivers all the time. This is especially true for millennials who want the luxury of driving a motorcycle but don't necessarily want to buy into the biker lifestyle. With car leases gaining popularity every day, it only makes sense that eventually, motorcycle leases will too.


Leasing a motorcycle is cheaper and easier than buying one or trading in old bikes to go towards new ones. This option also gives you the opportunity to try a new bike at the end of every agreement. Leasing makes nicer bikes more affordable. Your monthly payment will be significantly less than it would be if you were buying the vehicle outright. Leasing terms can go up to 60 months so make sure you discuss all of the leasing options with the dealer before you sign any papers. You may not want the bike for that long.


If you're interested in leasing, do a quick search to see what dealers are in your area. Many of them will have options and information for car leasing online as well.

Is Leasing Right for You?

If you only want a bike for a few years or you are hoping to have a new bike every few years, leasing a motorcycle may be the best option for you.


Eases are not for people who intend on being on the road constantly. Leases come with mileage limits. The more miles you put on the bike, the less it is worth, and the more you will have to pay the dealer in fees at the end of the lease term.


Besides mileage, you will also have to keep up on the motorcycles maintenance and upkeep. And dings or wear and tear made to the bike (deterioration that was not agreed upon) you will have to pay for. If you are going to be leasing a motorcycle it is best that the bike be kept safe from harm and the elements. Consider keeping it in a garage if you decide to lease.

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