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Friday, 04 October 2019 04:01

Motorcycle chains are often overlooked

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motorcycle chainsMotorcycle Chains. 

They are a vital components on many styles of motorcycles and are often one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment next to tires. 

Roller chain and sprockets are a very efficient means of transmitting power, in fact it’s a far more efficient method than belt drives as there is far less friction loss. They have been around since the beginning of the automobile industry and have been used to move all sorts of vehicles and contraptions. 

The quality and design of these systems have evolved to the point where there are many chains that you can buy that will outlive your use of the bike you are riding. 

Chains must be maintained on a regular basis in order to get the maximum out of them. 

motorcycle chains2OILING the chain: There is the manual spraying of chain lube via an aerosol can or adding a chain oiler to the back sprocket of the bike. 

CHAIN Stretch & SPROCKET Wear: Chains stretch over time and regular inspection is vital as excessive wear on the front and rear sprockets can be dangerous. In a chain drive system, the power is transmitted from the transmission/gearbox to the rear wheel by what is known as the cush drive. Improperly maintained, a chain can slip or “jump” off the sprocket causing the rear wheel to lock up. 

Not all chains are created equal. Depending on the CC’s of your engine, whether you are dirt riding/racing or riding paved roads or road racing, there are different chains to do the job. The best way to choose the right chain? Do a cost analysis. 

You can go from very expensive chains that can outlive the rest of the bike to chains that you need to change quite frequently. Your budget and the method of riding you are subjecting the bike too have a lot to do in the choice. 

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