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Thursday, 02 March 2017 09:21

Hearing Loss - and Help - for Motorcycle Riders

gearDo you wear earplugs when you ride? I don’t. Never have in close on four decades, and my hearing’s just fine, thank you.

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Paramedic Krista PeddleThe St. John's paramedic who's organizing a fundraiser to fight post traumatic stress disorder says she first thought of the idea after a colleague committed suicide.

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news feeds icon 150Yamaha Motor Racing‘s continuous efforts to excel in both health & safety and environmentally responsible operations is a long-term project evolving from the conviction that health and safety are not an option but are a necessity.

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Waves breaksAs a provincial coroner and past palliative care physician, Dr. David Ouchterlony has seen suffering and death up close, experiences that have occasionally led to brief moments of sadness.

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Monday, 18 January 2016 09:57

Why Long Motorcycle Trips are good for you

motorcycle tripWhether it’s a 23 year old Argentinean medical student’s road to self discovery - and that of the entire South American continent - on a Norton 500 or Ted Simon’s Jupiter Travels in the early 70’s on a Triumph, some journeys can be transformative.  


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