Wheels for our Wounded

The motorcycle engine represents the community that this initiative started in - the riding community and it is the heart if you will of this initiative.  The wheel represents the freedom and independence that transportation brings. The wings represent how our soldiers and first responders are the wind beneath our wings and how their actions, their bravery and courage make us all want to be better people.

What is Wheels for our Wounded?

 After interviewing a ton of veterans, many who ride, I realized that they were like me.

They suffer from PTSD and find that the focus and concentration it takes to ride a motorcycle/trike truly keeps them living in the present moment and helps abate PTSD symptoms. I know how much my motorcycle helps me with my PTSD and while I may be a civilian, I have also discovered that PTSD, is well, PTSD. It does not matter what trauma caused it, the results and chaos are very similar for all who suffer from it.

I  decided to start this initiative when I realized that veterans and first responders could get funding for service dogs, horse therapy and other types of emotional supports but that no one was validating or funding wind therapy.

Wheels bring freedom and independence into our lives, be they motorcycles, trikes or automobiles.
However, in attempting to get funding, sponsorship and support through traditional channels, I discovered that no one in the mainstream recognizes a motorcycle/trike as a therapy tool.

That's what Wheels for Our Wounded is all about and I hope you will join us in helping a veteran or first responder gain the freedom and independence they need and deserve.  

- Renee Charbonneau CEO Belt Drive Betty Media

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