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British military motorcycle dispatch rider WW1Throughout its brief 155-year history, Canada has participated in many wars and conflicts across the globe. From 1867 to the modern day, hundreds of thousands of brave Canadian military personnel died defending Canada’s sovereignty or serving other nations threatened by invaders.



Southern California Norton Owners Club Cambria Ride on hwy 41 near Creston CAOnce in a while, you may notice a long line of motorcyclists with similar vehicles and clothes riding in a formation on the highways or streets. Motorcycle clubs are close-knit organizations comprised of members who all share a love for riding, customizing, and showing off motorcycles.



top 4 winter motorcycle toursCanada is a vast country, with nearly one-fifth of the world's fresh water and a landscape that stretches from snow-capped mountains in the west to lowland forests in the east. Between lie fertile farmlands, deciduous forests, and lakes and rivers that thread their way through fruitful valleys.


When people want to ship a motorcycle, they often find quotes from car shipping companies. While this can cause some confusion, you should know that most professional vehicle carriers specialize in more than one type of vehicle.


But why ship a motorcycle at all? Wouldn’t making the trip yourself be a better or cheaper alternative? Here are six reasons that argue against a DIY relocation or riding the entire distance.

Top 6 Reasons to Ship Your Motorcycle

Convenience is key when relocating and moving personal or household goods from one location to another. But there are more reasons to ship your motorcycle with a car shipping company than quality of life and peace of mind.

Arrives Without a Scratch

Imagine you’re planning to attend an event. Maybe you’re entering a race, or you want to showcase your bike. You’ll want it there in pristine condition without a single scratch.

And depending on your schedule, you might not have time for extra detailing. Riding your bike to an event takes time, especially over long distances. Being on the open road certainly won’t keep your bike clean or safe.

Road debris and accidents can damage your bike just as much as poor weather conditions. But shipping it in an enclosed trailer or crate will ensure nothing will touch your bike during transport.

Car shipping companies have big enough trailers, trucks, or containers to handle moving large motorcycles. Carriers have special harnesses that can stabilize your bike during transport and minimize any damage it may take from shocks.

Furthermore, enclosed transportation shields the motorcycle from bad weather and road debris and is also a good deterrent against theft.

If you want to maximize your bike’s safety when relocating or visiting a faraway location, enclosed shipping is your best option.

It Can Be Cheaper Than Riding It

Some people worry that shipping companies are more expensive than a DIY alternative. Sure, carriers will price the delivery based on numerous factors like the motorcycle type, size, weight, and distance to the destination, among other aspects.

But if you were to ride somewhere with your motorcycle, especially out of state or to another country, you can’t just compare fuel consumption to a carrier’s quote.

Maybe your bike is fuel-efficient. That doesn’t mean the price of gas accounts for all trip expenses. You’ll need lodging, maybe sheltered parking, food, refreshments, etc.

This doesn’t even factor in potential scratches you might have to fix or dirt and grime you’ll have to clean. An argument can even be made for adding unnecessary miles to your bike.

Once you tally everything up, you might find that shipping your bike is much cheaper if you don’t need to ride it before reaching a specific destination.

Save Time on Trips

There are a couple of things to consider regarding long motorcycle trips. You need experience to handle various traffic situations and ever-changing road conditions. Unfamiliar terrain and environments will slow you down and maybe even put you on edge.

Long rides can be amazing if you want to explore certain trails. But shipping it might be better if you’re only taking your bike to explore a remote destination.

When you ship a motorcycle, you don’t have to worry about delays, asking for extra days off, or spending most of your time tired and on the road.

Carriers offer many shipping options. You can schedule the pickup and delivery well ahead of time and have the driver meet you at your destination. 

Cater to Urgent Shipping Needs

Sometimes you don’t need to move a motorcycle over long distances, rather transport it from point A to B quickly, and you don’t have time to do it yourself.

Shipping companies offer same-day delivery services over shorter distances or inner-city and local routes. This way, you don’t have to take time off work or reschedule more pressing appointments to handle relocating your bike.

Deal With International Customs

Whether you want to import a foreign bike or ship your U.S.-registered motorcycle overseas, you must abide by strict customs regulations.

Customs laws aren’t always easy to navigate if you’re new to international shipping. It’s easy to misfile paperwork or forget to prepare important documents.

Paperwork issues can delay or prevent shipments from going through; no one wants that kind of stress and financial strain.

Shipping a motorcycle with a shipping company is the best method for international transport. Experienced carriers know if your bike can be shipped, what documents you must provide, and even estimate customs fees for you based on the destination.

This can help save weeks of research and paperwork preparedness and drastically reduce the chances of encountering problems with customs agents. What’s more, shipping companies can arrange door-to-door international shipping services or ensure your bike is safely stored for personal pickup later.

The same applies to other vehicles. If you want to ship a car to Canada, for example, A-1 Auto Transport can give you excellent pointers.

It’s Easier When Shipping Non-Operational Bikes

Towing a non-working motorcycle is a lot harder than you might think. Even the loading and offloading can pose challenges if you lack specialized gear.

This is another reason to consider using a car shipping company to transport your motorcycle. Prepared carriers have the necessary equipment to load your bike onto a trailer, keep it stabilized and safe, and unload it at its destination with minimal effort.

Give Your Bike the Level of Care It Deserves

As fast and advanced as some bikes are today, they’re still more fragile than your average four-wheeled vehicle. The more you care for your motorcycle, the more it will last and the more opportunities you get to enjoy riding it.

That’s why picking the right transport method for national and international shipping is essential to its service life. Shipping companies provide a valuable service to the global biker and motorcycle enthusiast community.

The service is fast, safe, less taxing on the bike, and often cheaper than you think. Whether you’re planning to attend a show, meeting, join a race, or explore new locations, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information on how to best care for your bike and the best places to visit.

 motorcycle transport

 If you are searching for environmentally-friendly businesses then you need to look no further than GPR Exhaust Systems/Sixty61. GRP is more than a business with a heart; it's a company dedicated to being the leader in environmentally-friendly businesses. Founded in 1968, GPR is the one-stop platform for motorcycle, scooter, and ATV exhaust dealers in North America. Proudly boasting a zero-carbon footprint and using the industry’s latest technologies coupled with world-class exhaust systems in craftsmanship and a modern design, this global leader has long been one of the most trusted names in the Powersports industry. These achievements are unheard of in the Powersports industry. According to National Geographic

vehicles are America's biggest air quality compromisers and account for nearly one-third of our pollutants. Leading contributors include smog, carbon 

nearly one-third of our pollutants. Leading contributors include smog, carbon monoxide, and the toxins that leave the tailpipes and are breathed in.” 

This core belief has been at the heart of everything GPR does. In fact, you could say GPR ``goes whole hog” when it comes to keeping the environment front and center while heavily being in the elite world racing championships like MotoGP (in the Moto3 category) and the World Supersport Championship. The company is the leading supplier and sponsor of many famous riders such as Carlos Checa, Casey Stoner, Alex Barros, Makoto Tamada, and many more. Since 2021, GPR has been a part of the MXGP World Cross category. GPR has received European approval for compliance and ISO9001 Certification, and many of its products are either Certified Road Legal or are made for off-road and racing enthusiasts. 

The growth experienced by GPR over the last few years has allowed it to build a new segment of its plant, wholly dedicated to the internal manufacturing of all components in steel and titanium. We can’t wait to share more exciting information about our world-class client, GPR, leading the charge to provide more eco-friendly products.

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motorcycle We inch closer to seeing an all-electric triumph become a reality with the unveiling of the project triumph te-1 prototype.

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 motorcycle These naked bikes look stunning and offer great performance, all in a relatively affordable package.

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motorcycle Winding through a dark canopy of evergreens, the road played hide-and-seek with the clackamas river, offering a glimpse here and there of clear water pouring over rocks as it made its way downstream to the willamette, then the columbia, and finally the pacific.

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