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Posted on 27/11/2014, 05:34 Source The Record News
KITCHENER — A Kitchener-raised Hells Angels member who became a model citizen in jail — earning his high school diploma and taking Bible studies — is probably beyond rehabilitation, a judge said Wednesday after sentencing him to 11 years in...
Posted on 27/11/2014, 05:30 Source The Record News
KITCHENER — A judge has reprimanded Waterloo Regional Police for illegally searching for guns in a barn where a Hells Angels member occasionally lived. Justice Gerald Taylor made it clear in a ruling that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects...
Posted on 27/11/2014, 05:26 Source Yahoo News
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia is confronting what authorities say is a growing threat from homegrown Islamist radicals and fears a new danger is about to rumble over the horizon - would-be militants hooking up with biker gangs. Islamism and organized...
Posted on 27/11/2014, 05:20 Source The Vanguard
The Wharf Rat Rally has attracted thousands of bikers to Digby every year on the Labour Day weekend since 2005. The total highway traffic count this year from Wednesday, Aug. 27 at noon to Sunday, Aug. 31 at midnight was 48,953. From those numbers,...
Posted on 27/11/2014, 05:16 Source CTV Calgary
A Calgary woman is now spending her time in court trying to fight for justice in the death of her fiancé, who was killed in a 2013 crash. Rob Enstrom, 32, was killed when the motorcycle he was riding on with a companion crashed into a cube van on May...
Posted on 27/11/2014, 05:10 Source The Australian
MORE than 70 search warrants have been executed by Queensland police in one of the largest series of raids on outlaw motorcycle gangs in the state’s southeast. Over the past day, businesses and homes around Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads were...
Posted on 27/11/2014, 04:53 Source Editor
Summerside has some competition for a major motorcycle festival that it's hosted the past three years. Its contract to hold Atlanticade, which attracts as many as 12,000 bikers from all over North America, is up. Organizers estimate Atlanticade means...
Posted on 27/11/2014, 04:51 Source NBC News
A documented member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has been arrested in connection with a hit-and-run accident in Oceanside, California. The accident happened after a male patron was harassing a family of three while they walked past the PCH Sports...
Posted on 22/11/2014, 21:36 Source
STURGIS — Less than six months after Indian Motorcycles made a historic return to Sturgis with a shop on Lazelle Street, motorcycle industry heavies, city officials, and a goat wearing a GoPro camera gathered near the corner of 11th and Main for a...
Posted on 22/11/2014, 21:34 Source
All deaths resulting from motorcycle crashes in WA this year were caused by human error, according to a new study.   Read more
Posted on 22/11/2014, 21:32 Source
They like to ride in groups and enjoy the open road with a few friends. Biker gangs are well known to ride together wearing the same leathers. Group rides for charity are common in the summer and fall riding seasons. Clubs form around brand names and...
Posted on 22/11/2014, 21:30 Source
This bizarre video shows a man carrying out a stunt that he was lucky to escape from unharmed. READ ON
Posted on 22/11/2014, 21:27 Source
Robin Lessard hasn’t been able to feel like himself since the day his one-of-a-kind motorcycle was stolen. READ ON
Posted on 22/11/2014, 21:22 Source
Walter R. Kreps was the first LAPD motorcycle officer killed on the job. An LAPD car collided with his motorcycle on March 28, 1916. On Friday, the Police Department came out in force to honor him by marking his unmarked grave. READ ON
Posted on 22/11/2014, 21:17 Source
A motorcycle rider has been taken to the hospital in Comox after being hit by a car on Saturday. READ ON
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